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Lobster Experience emerged from the vision of a unique premium tourism network that brings together providers, journalists, bloggers, tour operators and travel agencies that belong to the who's who of the luxury travel industry. And also out of the desire to offer sales, PR, marketing, consulting and brilliant industry events for this niche market from a single source and to turn luxury tourism upside down with innovative ideas.

We never stop discovering new things and we climb new mountains in creative and sometimes crazy ways to expand and strengthen our position in the market. We reach the top by constantly finding new ways in distribution. Benefit from our spirit of discovery and invention - together with us you can achieve top performance!

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Our Markets

With more than 25 years of experience in the luxury travel market, Lobster not only has the best know-how and network (B2B & B2C), but can also concentrate strongly on every single aspect of upscale hospitality and travel. We are in a position to supply the market with innovations and trends, such as our luxury trade fair loop. Our network extends outside our home markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as through Central and Eastern Europe and international partner alliances. 

German Speaking Market

Strong economic activity in German-speaking countries - 5,300,000 millionaires - with an increase of 48%, the luxury travel segment grew twice as fast as all other types of travel in the last five years. Market share rose from 3.9% in 2009 to 4.6% in 2014. stable policies ensure constant purchasing power and avoid sudden economic slumps.

Our database for the German-speaking market comprises over 20,000 contacts, including travel agencies, tour operators, MICE agencies, corporate clients and journalists.

These partners are our and therefore also your strong and constant supporters on whom you can count! Based in Germany, the German-speaking markets are a "home game" for Lobster Experience - and highly profitable marketplaces for you!

Central and Eastern European Markets

Never stop discovering! We have broadened our horizons and expanded our portfolio to include the flourishing Central and Eastern European markets - benefit from this too!

Rapidly growing economies in Central and Eastern Europe - 117,000 millionaires. According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), average annual growth of 3.7% is expected to accelerate in these markets by 2025, compared to Western Europe. In addition, international air traffic capacity in the CEE market has also grown strongly. Some of the world's highest annual travel growth rates are recorded here.

Our constantly growing database for the Central and Eastern European markets includes more than 5,000 travel agencies, tour operators, MICE agencies, corporate clients and journalists.

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Lobster Experience

Lobster Experience is the most advanced luxury agency in the German-speaking, Central and Eastern European markets. Creative approaches based on our many years of experience and curiosity for new things are combined with traditional sales and marketing tools that work.

Lobster Communications

Our tailor-made communication strategies consist of a creative mix of classic PR, networking events, lifestyle co-operations, social media and Influencer & Blogger Relations. We go one step further than classic PR service providers and build up your personal luxury network for you.

Little Lobster

Little Lobster is dedicated above all to smaller, outstanding tourist products with very special needs on our market, with an unmistakable signature that inspires us and to which we want to give a voice.

Lobster Event

Lobster Event constantly develops the classical event portfolio for their hotel, project and lifestyle partners and therefore consequently revolutionizes the tourism business platforms in the German speaking markets.