Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som

Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is the Middle East’s first and largest immersive wellness destination. Established by the acclaimed Thai wellness resort Chiva-Som, it is the first in the world to uniquely blend the holistic wisdom of Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) with modern therapies and health practices. TAIM is a holistic healing system recorded in The Canon of Medicine, a medical encyclopedia written in 1025 by the Persian physician-philosopher Ibn Sina, whose writings influenced schools of medicine for centuries. It includes the use of medicinal herbs, and therapies such as hijama cupping. The revival of this knowledge, reinterpreted for the 21st century, is a pioneering approach to reclaiming cultural heritage and redefining wellness. Zulal Wellness Resort offers two distinct experiences. Zulal Serenity is dedicated to adult guests seeking a bespoke and immersive retreat, while Zulal Discovery invites families to connect and jointly explore the joys of healthy living. The overarching aim of both Zulal Serenity and Zulal Discovery is to inspire positive and sustainable lifestyle change.


Located on the northern tip of Qatar, against the azure backdrop of the calm coast and Arabian Gulf. Zulal Wellness Resort is close to Al Khasooma and 5 km from Al Ruwais. Secluded in order to guarantee utmost privacy, yet conveniently accessible. The city centre of Doha is about 110 km away, the drive to Hamad International Airport takes about 1.5 hours.

Rooms & Suites

The private spaces throughout Zulal Serenity are reserved for guests aged 16 and over. It is a place to escape to decompress in, reflect and reset in peace. Zulal Serenity offers 60 rooms and suites.

1 QATAF SUITE: The Qataf Suite offers the true experience of ahome away from home on the resort. With a total area of 694 sqm including 3 bedrooms, the suite features a unique design with an expansive terrace stunningly set overlooking the beach, a private pool and en-suite bathroom (bath, double washbasin, shower). Disconnect with a steam bath, sauna, swimming pool, plunge pool, private garden, featuring a deep soaking bathtub. Enjoy elaborate living spaces with a luxurious walk-in wardrobe.

1 SHINAN SUITE: Offering picturesque sea views and 323 sqm of total area, the Shinan Suite offers perfect privacy with two bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms and dressing area. Available with a sauna, swimming pool, private garden, and large living space.

11 JUNIOR SUITES: Ideal for two persons, the Junior Suite is a perfect balance of comfort, sumptuousness and space offering sea views with a total area of 115 sqm. Available with a king bed and relaxing sofa, en-suite bathroom, dressing area, plunge pool, walk-in wardrobe, and private terraces.

47 GRAND DELUXE ROOMS: Experience beautiful views of the lagoon from the comfort of the Grand Deluxe Room. Available with a king-size bed, plunge pool, and private terraces spread over 84 sqm.

Each room is designed with contemporary elegance reflecting traditional local influences. Over at Zulal Discovery, consisting of 120 rooms and suites, where guests of all ages are welcomed, there is an emphasis on the importance of family wellness through interactive bonding experiences.

6 EXECUTIVE SUITES: Spacious and grand, the 90 sqm Executive Suite is ideal for two persons. Designed with comfort in mind, each room includes a living space, bathroom, and dressing area, tastefully furnished for our guests. The perfect place to relax and reenergize.

14 JUNIOR SUITES: With a perfect balance between comfort and sumptuousness, the Junior Suite is designed for two persons with 59 sqm in total area. Available with a king-sized bed, reclining area, en-suite bathroom, dressing area, and private balconies.

58 DELUXE LAGOON VIEW ROOMS: Enjoy beautiful views of the lagoon from the comfort of luxurious rooms with a king-sized bed or two twin-sized beds. Each 44 sqm room is designed with contemporary elegance whilst drawing inspiration from traditional local influences.

37 DELUXE SEA VIEW ROOMS: Rooms defined with taste and luxury across 44 sqm, with scenic sea views. The room offerings are similar to the Deluxe Lagoon View rooms with a king-sized bed or twin-size beds.

5 SUPERIOR ROOMS: Enjoy an immediate connection with the Zulal experience from the ground floor and first floor with 44 sqm Superior rooms that represent the ideal entry-level luxury option enhancing the overall wellness experience.

The modern and elegant interiors have been designed with great attention to detail. The carefully selected decoration, amenities and personal room service promise a relaxing stay at Zulal Wellness Resort.

Restaurants & Bars

The inherent philosophy is a main ingredient that finds its way into every culinary experience at Zulal Wellness Resort. Every restaurant is creating a mouth-watering gastronomical journey at every meal, offering the guests choices created from locally sourced fresh produce that define the Zulal way of life. Eating healthy, organic and wellbalanced meals are the sustenance we need to empower a wholesome lifestyle, allowing for a longer and happier life. From casual dining and beach side restaurant to more formal dining options, the Zulal dining experience defines what it means to eat well.

  • Zulal Discovery provides four dining outlets:
  • Aizoon: a formal dining restaurant
  • Acacia: a regionally inspired restaurant
  • Casuarina: a spa café
  • Malbu: a beach club
  • Zulal Serenity offers:
  • Al Sidr: a formal dining restaurant
  • Tea House

Spa & Wellness

The wellness philosophy, which is based on the six pillars of health – Fitness, Physiotherapy, Spa, Holistic Health, Aesthetic Beauty and Nutrition – is supported by the environment, treatments and expertly trained staff. The team at Zulal Wellness Resort accompanies guests on their wellness journey so that each and every guest is able to maintain a healthy lifestyle beyond the visit. It is this highly personalized approach that forms the cornerstones of Chiva-Som's well-being philosophy.

  • 2 Lagoon treatment suites
  • 2 Hydrotherapy treatment rooms (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 7 Consultation rooms
  • 9 Physiotherapy rooms
  • 42 Spa treatment rooms (21 Ladies and 21 Gentlemen)
  • 1 First-aid room
  • 2 Ayurvedic treatment/therapy rooms
  • 3 Thai massage rooms
  • 2 Relaxation areas (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 1 Pharmacy
  • Aesthetic Centre
  • VIP waiting area
  • 1 Dermatologist consultation room
  • 3 Aesthetic treatment rooms
  • 1 Skin analysis room
  • 1 Nurse room
  • Fitness Pavilion
  • 1 Fitness consultation/assessment room
  • 1 Watsu pool
  • 1 Group movement studio
  • 1 Private studio
  • 1 Mind and Body studio
  • 1 Pilates studio
  • Mixed gym (main gym)
  • Thermal Facilities
  • 2 Hammams (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Himalayan Salt rooms (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Arctic rooms (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Steam rooms (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Saunas (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 3 Experience showers (2 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Indoor plunge pools (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 4 Mineral baths (2 Ladies and 2 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Relaxation lounges (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Outdoor pools with relaxation lounge (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Indoor hydrotherapy pools (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 3 Family consulation rooms
  • 2 Fully quipped gymnasiums(1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Relaxation areas (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 1 First-aid room
  • Discovery Oasis (Discovery kids’ studios)
  • 4 Treatment rooms for parent and child
  • 2 Physiotherapy treatment rooms
  • 2 Holistic treatment rooms
  • 10 Spa treatment rooms (5 Ladies and 5 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Steam rooms (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Saunas (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Relaxation lounges (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Indoor hydrotherapy pools (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)
  • 2 Outdoor pools (1 Ladies and 1 Gentlemen)


Indulge in the extensive offering of our signature amenities and recreational activities amid an environment created to help you relax and rejuvenate. Guests have access to the following experiences to enrich and add to their stay at the resort:

  • House of Wisdom (Welcome area)
  • Barber and hair salon
  • House of Inspiration (Welcome area)
  • Cooking studio (Demo kitchen)
  • Swimmable lagoon
  • Family outdoor swimming pool
  • Prayer rooms
  • Private parking
  • Secluded beach area*
  • Souq
  • Themed gardens: Nourishment, Understanding, Wellbeing, Essence and Contemplation


Children engage with age-appropriate activities, including outdoor pursuits, arts, crafts, sports and games, while parents can enjoy the restorative power of massage and relaxation in the hydrothermal facilities.

Meetings & Events

Zulal Wellness Resort offers you a variety of banquet areas to accommodate special occasions, corporate meetings and the most intimate celebrations. Personalised touches and warm hospitality by a team of professional and knowledgeable staff trained to assist guests in planning and delivering a memorable event of the highest standards from weddings to corporate events.

  • Eshar Ballroom with a pre-function area and outdoor terrace
  • Wadina meeting room with an outdoor terrace

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