Suryagarh Jaisalmer

Suryagarh is the place to be when the soul seeks nourishment and yearns for wonder. At the gateway of the Thar Desert, the symbol in Indian culture of freedom and discovery, amidst a soothing silence and so close to the starry sky, lies this unique jewel known as Suryagarh.


This impressive resort is located in the ancient and historic city of Jaisalmer, popularly known as the Golden City in India and the former capital of Rajasthan. It lies to the west of Jaipur.

Rooms & Suites

The Suryagarh has a variety of room categories, each individually designed and furnished to suit the guests of the hotel and their needs: Fort Room (approximately 34 square metres of living space): The Fort rooms are specially designed to meet the needs of discerning guests. The warm and comfortable rooms offer a taste of times gone by, but are equipped with all modern amenities. They are spacious and cosy, overlooking large verandas and turrets reminiscent of authentic palace architecture.

Pavilion Room (approx. 70 square metres of living space): The Pavilion Rooms exude sophistication and quality. Each room has a luxurious, modern ambience and offers magnificent views of the indomitable landscape of the vast and hilly Thar Desert. Perfectly equipped with all modern amenities, the carefully selected furnishings harmonise with the timeless furniture and décor.

Heritage Room (approx. 66 square metres of living space): The Heritage Rooms at Suryagarh, Jaisalmer, represent a timeless Rajasthan. The décor is airy and bright, blending modern tones with traditional accents in a language that caters to guests' comfort and expectations of modern luxury.

Signature Suite (approx. 70 square metres of living space): Immerse yourself in the elegance of the Signature Suite. These spacious suites feature an elegant seating area and are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The very location of these well-appointed suites offers sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the vast Thar Desert.

Luxury Suite (approx. 80 square metres of living space): These spacious and luxurious suites are designed for comfort and relaxation. Irresistibly large beds and stately furniture have been designed with guests' comfort in mind. These appealing suites exude the same charm that is prevalent throughout the hotel. Pure luxury.

Suryagarh Suite (approx. 126 square metres of living space): From spacious to intimate, these suites are individually configured to accommodate personal preferences. Decorated with rich local textures and featuring rooftop pools, they offer a tranquil sanctuary away from the noise and dust of the city. First-class comfort characterises these meticulously designed rooms, thoughtfully conceived as a haven for the astute and discerning traveller.

Jaisalmer Haveli (approx. 126 square metres of living space): Forged by the sun and sand, steeped in the great antiquity of this land, these intimate, detached suites sensitively balance courtyards and connecting spaces of traditional life with the modern need for privacy and space. Each stone is handcrafted, each interior reflecting elements of indigenous desert culture while offering elegant modern comforts.

Thar Haveli (approx. 255 square metres of living space): The Thar Haveli in Suryagarh, Jaisalmer, evokes a deep sense of nostalgia. The perfectly appointed suites are equipped with modern amenities and offer sweeping views of an unparalleled bush desert. The view offers tranquillity and serenity as it looks out over a vast, meandering landscape. Although rooted in the present with their azure infinity pools and impeccable service, these sandstone buildings exude the purity and grace of a venerable era.

Restaurant & Bars

Nosh: The all-day dining room, is an airy, welcoming space that invites conversation and conviviality. You can drop in at any time of the day or night, as Nosh is open around the clock. You can stay as long as you like, because no one is in a hurry, and you shouldn't be either. Have a great time snacking!

The Legend of Marwad: The hotel's fine dining restaurant celebrates the culinary heritage of Marwad. It brings to the table the legendary dishes from the court kitchens and medieval hunts, from the quiet corners of the Zenana quarters and the zealously guarded trade secrets from the famous kitchens of the Maharajas, where food always told an important story.

Draksh: Draksh is a large bar counter made of onyx that radiates light and the myriad colours of the sand and stone of Jaisalmer. The bar beckons the thirsty traveller with its crisp white walls flecked with gold. Relax under amber lights and indulge in the finest spirits from around the world.

Spa & Wellness

Rait - The Spa: Beauty comes from within, but is often eclipsed by the stress and toil of everyday life. The award-winning, immaculately designed spa pays homage to the Rait or 'sand' that surrounds us, and is based on the history and wisdom of the locals.

Neel - The Pool: Neel/blue, the vibrant colour of the local peacocks, is the inspiration for this indoor covered pool. Built in the style of a bygone era of leisurely indulgence, this pool offers cool, tranquil seclusion away from the hustle and bustle of hotel life. Just a step beyond leads you into bright sunlight for those seeking the sun.

Akhara - The Gym: Akhara, the Indian name for a traditional sports centre, is a state-of-the-art gym equipped with both strength training and cardiovascular equipment. It is well equipped and spacious enough to practice yoga as well. The spa and swimming pool are right next to the gym.

Leisure facilities

Cultural evenings: Witness the fascinating traditions of Thar echoing within the walls of the hotel as you settle down with a cocktail and enjoy the Manganiyars' performances every evening.

Taash Billiards Room: Taash is the cards and billiards room, a gaming room opposite the main entrance of the hotel. It offers indoor entertainment with many board games, a card table for four and a well-lit pool table.

Horse riding: Horse riding at Suryagarh is an in-house activity. The hotel has 3 stabled and reliable horses, whose trails take you on a gentle circuit around the property and its hilly natural landscape.

Archery: Dhanurvidya or archery was an important hunting and military technique before the advent of gunpowder. As a recreational activity, it is an action-packed sport with pure adrenaline that requires precision, patience and skill. In Suryagarh, there is an option to set up a personal space where marksmanship, shooting technique and form can be practised.

Offers in Jaisalmer: Picnic at the oases: Paradoxical as it may sound, deep in the heart of the desert, just minutes from the hotel, heaps of rolling green pastures and lush oases are found in secret enclaves between rocky escarpments that confound the eye and delight the mind. Here, far from the hustle and bustle of life, we find ourselves in an almost biblical setting to celebrate the now legendary Suryagarh picnics. Like a Merchant-Ivory production with parasols, waiters with orange turbans and large, cool drinks, these are precious experiences you don't want to miss.

Sundowner at Kuldhara: The purity of a real sunset in the desert is a remarkable experience. A force of nature. Perfect for any celebration and full of great views, the Suryagarh team will tailor this experience to your specific needs at the end of the day.

Dinner in the Dunes: In this magical setting, the hotel presents you with a veritable menu of nomadic hunting. The evening is accompanied by an enchanting folk singer. The food prepared on site is magnificent, the ambience is majestic, the music soars and the stars shine down on you - an evening like this is an incomparable experience.


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