Narendra Bhawan Bikaner

Narendra Bhawan Bikaner tells the story of the last reigning Maharaja of Bikaner, His Highness Narendra Singhji.

The Bhawan in this contemporary version celebrates the journey of an individual through time: from royal birth to becoming a citizen of the world, and from there to a representative of freedom who championed the idea of a modern, democratic India. Set amidst an urban landscape, this residence is now an independent design hotel with a unique heritage and a series of curated experiences to be continued, preserved and celebrated.


The hotel is located on the outskirts of Bikaner, about 250 km west of Delhi in the middle of the Rajasthan desert. The city of almost half a million inhabitants offers a great fort and a small old town with all kinds of small and dark alleys. This old town is separated from the desert by a 7-kilometre-long city wall from the 18th century.

Rooms & Suites

Each room/suite tells a part of the Maharaja's story and is equipped with corresponding design elements.

Residence Room (approx. 32 square metres of living space): The comfortably furnished rooms of the Residence pay homage to the eclectic taste of the house. Intricate ceiling details, Bikaner terrazzo floors and traditional crafts harmonise with Portuguese tiles and a distinctly English colour palette. Bright and fresh, these rooms are a tranquil sanctuary away from the hyperactivity of the city.

Prince Room (approx. 50 square metres of living space): The young prince on the cusp of maturity has designed his flats to reflect his growing inclination towards a western lifestyle. With luxurious velvets, English prints, glittering mirrors and mosaics, the Prince's rooms reflect the youthful exuberance that underlies these glamorous living spaces.

Regimental room (approx. 60 square metres of living space): The Regimental Rooms reflect a ceremonial order that appealed to the military turned king. Elements of military regalia are carefully juxtaposed with modern amenities to create uniformity and symmetry. The rooms feature art and objects and a rich colour palette, adding warmth and comfort to these stately rooms.

India Room (approx. 50 square metres of living space): The India Rooms are quintessentially Indian, but designed for the cosmopolitan traveller like you. Here, echoes of rural India combine with the modernity of contemporary India. The rooms are primarily in indigo - the symbolic colour of this nation - creating a cocoon where ease and contentment are paramount.

Republic Room (approx. 68 square metres of living space): Regardless of the theme that runs through the other guest rooms, the Republic rooms are dramatic spaces where strong, confident lines and a colour palette of steel blue and concrete grey suggest a very contemporary conclusion. This thoroughly chic room is an architect's room inspired by an era when India's great architects, who figured prominently in the public imagination, created spaces that were startlingly new.

Restaurant & Bars

Gaushala: The Gaushala is the outdoor area and was the favourite place of the late Maharaja, who personally bred indigenous cattle, his favourite, the Raathi. They were once able to roam completely free in this open space. Today, under canopies supported by original cast-iron pillars, you can start your morning in the fresh air with classical Hindustani music. An exciting menu of small plates and deliciously mixed cocktails welcomes the evening hours, where not only the light but also the music and energy change, as these expansive spaces are designed to flatter the evening, the mood and you.

Pearls and Chiffon: P&C is the timeless and supremely elegant dining room, designed like a snapshot in time to capture the charm and finesse of the gracious lady of the manor. The initials P&C pay homage to her favourite clothes of pearl strings and chiffon saris. The menu invokes her exquisite culinary heritage. The newly designed and perfected 'blackboard' features menu items carefully selected from the annals of history, which were once favourites of the kings of Bikaner. P&C offers an exquisite wine list, sit-down preparations and tiffin lunches. P&C offers banquet options to satisfy every culinary curiosity.

Mad Hatter - The Bake House: In keeping with the hotel's variety and offerings, this quirky space, aptly named Mad Hatter - The Bake House, offers traditional pastries and baked goods. Puddings and tarts are served alongside toffees, rum balls and fudges of all kinds in this warm, convivial and cosy space. Indian coffees and teas add to the rich flavours, as do cold-press coffee towers and our utterly decadent hot chocolate. This is a space that is both familiar and comfortable, and one that should evoke memories of innocence and happy times for everyone!

Spa & Wellness

Clinic - the Spa: The Spa at Narendra Bhawan Bikaner is a completely innovative concept based on the holistic and gentle persuasive power of flowers and plants to heal the body, mind and spirit. Inspired by the famous Bach Flower Therapy, the specially formulated flower essences are deeply beneficial and help bring all aspects of our being into harmony and balance. Combined with state-of-the-art Bemer technology, the therapies improve microcirculation and enable the body's own forces to promote an inner and outer radiance. Inspired by the once great sanatoriums of Europe, The Clinic's clean, sharp décor is designed to promote serenity and a sense of calm.

Gym: With a range of state-of-the-art fitness equipment and qualified trainers, working out at Narendra Bhawan is a pleasure.

The Pool: The deep blue infinity pool takes its colour from the bright sky over Bikaner. On the top floor, it looks out to the horizon and offers a great view of the city - both old and new Bikaner. At dusk, the space transforms and becomes a place of celebration with starry skies, live barbecue and party music.

Leisure facilities

The white nights of the Rajputs: Maharaja Narendra Singh ji of Bikaner visited Darbari Lake to satisfy his passion for hunting. The white canopies are adorned with twinkling white lights and the lanterns add a special glow to the atmosphere. The picture becomes complete when you settle down on a low mattress against the backdrop of the Darbari Lake while the flutist plays soft music and you have a very private experience. To add to the pleasure, our expert chef and hospitality team serve subtle delicacies and fiery flavours under the stars - a true feast for kings.

Sundowners: "After a long day of attending to both my dear guests and the paperwork of my business and philanthropic ventures, I look forward to a delightfully satisfying drink and socialising with my friends as we hit the road and head into the hinterland of my beloved Bikaner." Paradoxical as it may sound, deep in the heart of the Bikaner desert, in secret enclaves among rocky escarpments, one finds vast green pastures and lush oases that confound the eye and delight the mind. Here, far from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, we find ourselves in pristine, almost biblical surroundings celebrating the legendary Narendra Bhawan Sundowners.

Merchant explorations: "The Bikaner of my ancestors flourished due to its excellent location on the caravan routes between West and Central Asia. The nobles and merchants of Bikaner built palaces, havelis and temples of red sandstone that remain untouched to this day. Let us experience this living material heritage carved in stone." An escorted walking tour of the city is a must. At the end of your excursion, you will be served a sample of Marwari cuisine in a grand merchant's house.

Royal Explorations: Bikajee Ki Tekaree - Laxminath Temple - Sadul Museum - Lalgarh Palace - Laxmi Niwas Palace - Royal Cenotaphs at Devi Kund Sagar.

"Experience a guided exploration of my beloved Bikaner with an introduction to its 500-year-old history, gracefully written down in the palaces and lovingly preserved in the museums. You see, history lives in every corner of this ancient city." Take a tour of the unique palaces and the fort, which is as magnificent as it is fascinating. These historic warehouses are among the best this country has to offer.


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