Mary Budden Estate

Mary Budden Estate is a place of awakening in the primeval forests of Binsar. Nestled in a stunning natural environment, it is one of the last untouched areas of wilderness in the Himalayas. Remote yet accessible, the estate offers that rarest of luxuries, time and space, and the enviable opportunity to switch off to connect deeply.


The wooded property extends over 5 acres of land and has a cottage that sleeps 6 in three rooms and a further 3 double rooms in the lodge. All accommodation is en-suite, tastefully furnished and has wood-burning fireplaces, stone terraces and several open sit-outs. Private lounges and dining rooms, select antique furniture and sweeping mountain views complete this elegant mountain retreat.

Rooms & Suites

The Cottage: After careful restoration, the Cottage now has 3 luxurious en-suite bedrooms and warm and spacious living and dining rooms. Comfortably furnished and with blazing fireplaces, it feels like time has stood still!

The Lodge: The Lodge is a modern addition to the Mary Budden Estate and was built in harmony with the older colonial cottage. It is elevated on the estate and offers four separate en-suite bedrooms and two separate dining and sitting areas, all with fireplaces. Flooded with sunlight, the rooms offer great views and promise peace and tranquillity.


The Wild Cat Brunch: Eating in the forest has never been so exciting! In homage to the majestic leopard that calls Kumaon home, an exotic hot pot is grilled with the best seasonal produce from the forest. An experience intoxicated by the heady mountain air and the thrill of a chance sighting of the magnificent leopard.

Himalayan Lunch: The indigenous diversity of this region and the gastronomic traditions of the ancient peoples have been reinterpreted in our culinary explorations. The result is a feast called 'Himalayan Lunch', where the best available seasonal produce is prepared with a nuanced art of cooking that celebrates the local flavours of the Himalayas. The Milky Way Dinner: The starry sky is the focal point of this natural setting. Dinner is served under a constellation of stars and the cloudy arc of the Milky Way - a perfect end to your day. Convivial company and awe-inspiring nature are just some of the delights that will make this experience unforgettable.

Hamlet in the Hills: Dalar village is one of the oldest and smallest settlements in Binsar. The village is typical of the rural Kumaon landscape with its stone roofs, whitewashed walls and bright blue Himalayan windows. A walk through the forest will take you to this place where a traditional tea awaits you!

Leisure facilities

Purposeful walks, hikes and birdwatching through the deodar and oak forests that surround the property.

Darwin's Walk: Inspired by Darwin's walk through light and shadow that established his famous "Theory of Evolution", we have created your morning constitutional - a walk through the subdued sunlight and evergreen trees of the forest that surrounds the estate. A fresh, warm and cosy breakfast awaits guests on their return.

Ramsay's Road: In 1840, Henry Ramsay was appointed Deputy Commissioner of Kumaon. A man of keen observation and sagacity, cool, clear judgement and strong will, Scottish-influenced but with a unanimous desire for the welfare and prosperity of the people to whom he was responsible. They trusted him as much as his superiors. This street is a tribute to the grand old man of Kumaon! On a beautiful morning of your choice, you can drive to Mayolikhan. Walk along old bridle paths through the forest, on one of the most beautiful trails in the Binsar Forest. The Mayolikhan trail winds through cedars and oaks, past small waterfalls and rocks, and finally ends in a quiet, hidden village almost lost in time. It couldn't be more picturesque. The Estate is happy to organise a picnic for you in this picturesque, woodland setting.

The Hodgson's Chronicles: This is in honour of Brian Houghton Hodgson, who was Deputy Commissioner of Kumaon in the early 19th century and whose keen knowledge and ornithological interest helped identify a wide variety of native birds in this Himalayan region. Take a walk through the forest and observe the nearly 179 different species of birds that are native to the forests of Binsar.

On the path of tranquillity that leads to spirituality, experience the mountains of Almora.

Sacred Spaces: There are few places in the world that are exposed to a unique radiation belt - Machu Picchu in Peru, ancient Stonehenge in England and Kasar Devi in Almora. Known as the Van Allen Belt, this energy contour is particularly conducive to meditation, and its powerful cosmic vibrations are a panacea for mental well-being. Luminaries such as DH Lawrence, Bob Dylan, Lama Govinda, Swami Vivekanand and Earl Brewster, who were drawn to this spiritual elevation, testify to its sacred power. Join us to discover your own meditative space in this sacred belt.

Jageshwar & Rock Paintings: Jageshwar is perhaps one of the most famous temple complexes in northern India and is home to 101 temples dedicated to Shiva, built entirely of local stone and said to have sprung up overnight according to legend. On the way to Jageshwar are the last remains of a cave with ancient rock paintings and handprints from this period.

The Lama's Path: Lama Govinda, an extraordinary scholar and mystic, was a remarkable pioneer and a prophet. The Kumaon was his home in the 1950s. Following the great Lama, you will follow a spiritual path that will take you to the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas on clear days with spectacular sunrise - an inspiration to Lama Govinda. While you gaze at the mountain gods, you can sip locally grown hot chocolate and then have a traditional English breakfast on the property.

Chitai Bells & Organic Farm: After a one-hour drive on winding roads through pine and fir forests, you reach a rather unique "bell" temple dedicated to the local god "Golu", who insists on signing affidavits with his devotees to keep both sides of the bargain! This curious village of Chitai is also home to a German-Indian couple who run a high-end organic farm where you can buy cosmetics, spices and grains from the Himalayas.

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