Grotta Giusti Thermal Spa Resort

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany lies the Grotta Giusti Thermal Spa Resort, a 19th-century villa steeped in history and charm. Once the residence of the esteemed poet Giuseppe Giusti's family, this elegant villa holds tales of a bygone era.

In the year 1849, amidst routine maintenance, technicians stumbled upon a remarkable discovery-the largest thermal grotto in Europe. Spanning an impressive 2,000 square meters, this ancient cave captivated the imagination of none other than Giuseppe Verdi himself, who hailed it as "the eighth wonder of the world”. t is this extraordinary natural marvel that lends its name to the esteemed hotel, perpetuating its legacy of awe and wonder.


Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Grotta Giusti offers a tranquil escape surrounded by lush landscapes and easy access to nearby towns like Florence and Lucca. Arriving is simple, with Florence Airport just 40 kilometers away nd options for private transfers or car rentals. For train travelers, the Montecatini Terme-Monsummano station is only 2 kilometers away, with taxis or shuttle services readily available. By car, access via the A11 motorway is straightforward, and ample parking ensures a hassle-free arrival.

Rooms & Suites

The 68 newly renovated rooms and suites of Grotta Giusti are a beautiful blend of Tuscan art, natural inspiration from the park, and the rich history within these walls. Each detail tells a story, with wall decorations, paintings, and prints reflecting the harmony of the surrounding trees and plants. Fabrics and upholstery mimic the textures and colors of bark and leaves, while wood grain shines and metals evoke antique warmth. Light filters through curtains like dappling leaves, and marble bathrooms echo the limestone sculpted by water in the cave.

Restaurant & Bars

At Grotta Giusti, the dining experience is a true reflection of the local culture and environment. Chefs utilize fresh, local ingredients and herbs from the resort's own garden to craft dishes that capture the essence of the region. This culinary dedication is complemented by mixologists who create unique cocktails inspired by the poetic atmosphere of Grotta Giusti.

II Poeta Restaurant: II Poeta Restaurant at Grotta Giusti offers a culinary journey that blends traditional flavors with contemporary innovation. Here, diners can enjoy expertly crafted dishes that highlight the best of local ingredients, served in an elegant and serene setting.

L’affresco Lounge Bar: L’Affresco Lounge Bar provides a relaxed and stylish setting where guests can savor creative cocktails and light bites, surrounded by beautifully detailed frescoes.

Chiocciola Caffè: Chiocciola Caffè offers a charming spot where guests can unwind with a freshly brewed coffee or snack, embracing the leisurely Italian coffee culture.

Oasi Bar and Restaurant: Oasi Bar and Restaurant delivers a refreshing dining experience, featuring a menu of light, health-conscious dishes and drinks in a tranquil poolside atmosphere.

Spa & Wellness

Grotta Giusti, renowned for housing one of Europe's largest thermal grottos, offers a unique wellness experience. The natural thermal cave, rich in steam that emanates from its hot springs, provides therapeutic benefits, promoting relaxation and detoxification. Guests can indulge in a range of spa treatments, from mud therapy to hydrotherapy, all enhanced by the mineral-rich waters. The resort also features outdoor pools with hydro-massage areas, set amidst lush gardens, ensuring a serene retreat. This exceptional blend of natural wonders and luxurious pampering makes Grotta Giusti a standout destination for those seeking holistic rejuvenation.

Meetings & Events

The meeting and conference center at Grotta Giusti is a hub of creativity and positive energy, offering flexible spaces for up to 70 people. It accommodates a range of events, from private gatherings to workshops. Unique team-building activities include thermal yoga in the cave, scuba diving in the thermal lake, and more. This ideal environment promotes wellness and creativity, perfect for inspiring meetings.

Leisure Activities

Discover a wealth of activities during your stay at Grotta Giusti. Explore nearby cultural gems like Florence, Lucca, Pistoia, and Vinci, or indulge in tours on vintage cars and bikes. Enjoy tastings of wine, olive oil, and Tuscan cuisine, or immerse yourself in nature with horseback riding, birdwatching, and local treks. Play golf at nearby clubs and enhance your experience with the in-house mixology competitions and "Make Your Own Potion" classes. Led by an herbalist, pick botanicals from the garden to craft custom beauty oils in the spa.

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