Chia Laguna Resort

Chia Laguna Resort usher’s guests into an awe-inspiring world where each step presents a captivating new landscape. The resort stretches across golden beaches washed by a stunning turquoise sea, with dunes rich in lush Mediterranean greenery, creating a breathtaking natural mosaic. Secretive lagoons offer glimpses of elegant pink flamingos gracefully dancing, enhancing the magical ambiance of this paradise. The Chia Laguna Resort comprises three hotels, each designed to make every moment an unforgettable experience.


Chia Laguna Resort is located on the picturesque southern coast of Sardinia, surrounded by pristine beaches and the sea. The nearest airport is in Cagliari, about an hour's drive away. From there, visitors can take a taxi or rent a car to reach the resort. Alternatively, the resort offers its own shuttle service.

Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia

Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia, part of the Chia Laguna Resort, stands as a beacon of luxury on the beautiful southern coast of Sardinia. This 5-star hotel is nestled amidst rolling hills and faces a dazzling sea, offering a blend of modern elegance and serene natural beauty. It features 107 elegantly designed rooms and suites, each providing panoramic views of the Mediterranean landscape or the sea, ensuring a tranquil haven of comfort and style.

The hotel boasts four gourmet dining options that showcase the best of local and international cuisine, prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Guests can indulge in a variety of activities, including water sports, tennis, and spa treatments that incorporate Sardinian traditions and natural elements.

With its commitment to impeccable service and its idyllic location, Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia is a premier destination for travelers seeking a luxurious and immersive experience in Sardinia.

Baia di Chia Resort Sardinia, Curio Collection by Hilton

Baia di Chia Resort Sardinia, a proud member of the Curio Collection by Hilton, is a luxurious 5-star getaway nestled on the southern coast of Sardinia. Overlooking a stunning bay with crystal-clear waters and fine sandy beaches, the resort offers a unique blend of natural beauty and contemporary luxury. Guests can choose from 77 rooms and suites, each styled to reflect the vibrant colors and textures of the Mediterranean, offering stunning sea views and first-class comfort.

The resort boasts a selection of dining experiences, including restaurants that highlight local Sardinian cuisine and fresh seafood, paired with exquisite regional wines. Guests have access to a variety of recreational activities, such as water sports, hiking trails, and a world-class golf course nearby. The wellness center offers tailored spa treatments designed to rejuvenate the body and mind amidst serene surroundings.

Baia di Chia Resort Sardinia is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation in a luxurious, yet authentically Sardinian environment. The resort's attentive service and elegant setting ensure a memorable stay for every guest.

Hotel Village

Hotel Village, part of the prestigious Chia Laguna Resort in Sardinia, offers a charming retreat as a vibrant and family-friendly 4-star hotel. Beautifully situated amidst lush gardens, it captures the essence of Mediterranean living with its colorful decor and serene atmosphere. Hotel Village is particularly ideal for families, featuring 240 comfortable rooms that harmonize with the natural surroundings.

The hotel provides access to the stunning Dune di Campana beach, perfect for sunbathing and water activities. Guests can indulge in a variety of dining options serving delicious local and international cuisine. For families, the hotel boasts a Kids Club, offering a range of fun and educational activities to keep younger guests entertained.

Additionally, Hotel Village features extensive recreational facilities, including tennis courts, football pitches, and a large pool area. This combination of leisure activities, cultural immersion, and 4-star accommodations makes Hotel Village at Chia Laguna Resort an unforgettable destination for travelers seeking a comprehensive and enjoyable Sardinian experience.

Chia Laguna Congress Centre

Chia Laguna Resort offers a dynamic and adaptable setting for events and meetings, combining work with the leisurely allure of Sardinia. The venue features several spaces:

Foyer – Exhibition Area: A versatile 500 sqm space suitable for various needs such as product launches, exhibitions, and hospitality desks. It's equipped with modern amenities for functional customization.

Spartivento Room: This room can be divided by soundproof modular panels into four smaller rooms, each holding up to 55 people, ideal for board meetings, breakout sessions, or temporary office setups.

Chia Room: The largest space, with a capacity for up to 700 people, can also be subdivided into three independent halls using soundproof panels. The halls—Mistral, Levante, and Sirocco—accommodate 170, 255, and 140 people respectively, making them suitable for significant corporate meetings and events.

Leisure Activities

Chia Laguna Resort offers an array of leisure activities, making it an ideal getaway for both relaxation and adventure. In the summer, the resort features various sports academies primarily for children, including hip hop and break dance, padel, and fencing, fostering both fun and learning. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy activities like kayaking and windsurfing. The resort also promotes eco-friendly initiatives through beach clean-ups. For those looking to stay active, ‘Stay Fit’ days offer guests the chance to engage in beach volleyball, tennis, padel and more. Beyond sports, guests can unwind in the spa or by taking guided nature walks to explore the local environment. With its diverse offerings, Chia Laguna ensures a vibrant and enriching vacation experience.

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