The Singular Santiago

Swiss citizens Paul and Bertha Sahli, arrived in Chile in 1913. Their eldest son, Fernando, leased the Crillón Hotel and invited his siblings Pablo and Raul to join him in the business. The Crillón hotel opened in 1931 becoming the most luxurious hotel in Santiago and an elegant social events centre. The hotel closed in 1978 however Fernando’s sons continued working in the hotel industry. Felipe, who studied in Lausanne, was involved in the setting up of the Holiday Inn hotels in Chile and Buenos Aires. He later created The Singular Hotel concept and opened The Singular Patagonia in 2011 and The Singular Santiago in 2014. Located in the heart of Santiago, The Singular Santiago, Lastarria Hotel is renowned for its neo-classical architectural style, which was designed as a tribute to its cultural and historic surroundings. It holds a perfectly balanced architecture, setting and gastronomy which blend into the essence of the place. The project  comprises 6,500 m² of built area divided into nine floors, which include 62 rooms, a restaurant, terrace, Spa, gym and luxury meeting rooms. The architectural design was led by Federico Prieto and the interior design by Enrique Concha. Chilean designer Enrique Concha created an inspiring and inviting environment that is pristine yet comfortable; elegant yet welcoming. Custom furnishings inspired by the classic European elegance of yesteryear mix well with modern accouterments and carefully selected art. 


The Singular Santiago is located in the Lastarria neighbourhood, one of the most charming places in the city, with a rich history and cultural life.  Located in the north-east of town, it is only steps away from the Santa Lucia hill and the Parque Forestal. 

Rooms & Suites

Set within an early 20th century restored building, the hotel has 62 spacious and comfortable rooms and suites, ranging from the slightly smaller, west-facing Patio Rooms, through to the spacious and luxurious Singular Rooms. All are decorated with muted colours, soft furnishings and elegant furniture and are equipped with modern amenities.

Restaurant & Bars

The Singular Santiago, Lastarria Hotel offers unique taste experiences in its stylish Rooftop Bar, THE SINGULAR LASTARRIA Restaurant and Merced Bar. Each of the three locations offers a lounge atmosphere to relax in the heart of Santiago:

French born and trained Chef Laurent Pasqualetto uses classical French techniques to create delectable dishes made from locally sourced natural ingredients found within Chile. Located on the first floor and hosting up to 80 guests. The primarily French and seasonal menu serves traditional dishes such as liebre a la royal, foie gras and canard á la presse, as well as local specialties such as chañaral, penca, arope, hedgehogs, guanaco and black edged oysters from Chiloe. The restaurant design and its details create an attractive atmosphere captivating all senses: antique chandeliers, room dividers between tables, stylish floorings, delicately upholstered furniture. Everything has been carefully planned and designed to surprise with a perfect blend between gastronomy, elegance and sophistication.

The crown jewel is the exclusive Rooftop Bar on the 9th floor with its two terraces of almost 2500 square foot high above Chile’s capital and the historically important Santa Lucia Hill which played a key part in the formation of the City. The open air oasis features a 26 ft marble bar, outdoor dining tables and chaise lounges to enjoy the breathtaking views of Santiago with special cocktails and gourmet snacks between meetings.

A cozy lounge atmosphere is the perfect place to taste the signature cocktails menu of The Singular Santiago, Lastarria Hotel. The Merced Bar is located on the first floor, with a personalized service and attention for every moment of the day.

Spa & Wellness

The Singular Spa radiates inner peace and tranquility as soon as you enter the wellness area. Body, hands, feet and facial treatments provide a unique and unforgettable experience. Four hand Thai massage to achieve the highest level of relaxation or to recover from a Long City walk: a Celtic foot massage. No matter which of the thirteen different treatments available guets may choose, they will find at The Singular SPA the highest level of service and care from the best professional team. Its 400 m² premises provide outstanding facilities divided in areas for individual treatment or for couples, with an exclusive area for Jacuzzi, sauna, steam and relax. Guests can also use the fitness studio, which is open around the clock.

Leisure Activities

Located on the northeast side of Santiago. Lastarria is a classic area loaded with history and culture. Its urban development began with the building of the Veracruz Church, in the middle of the 19th century. However, its consolidation lies in the early days of the 20th century with the redevelopment of the Santa Lucia hill and the construction of Forestal Park and the Museum of Fine Arts.

In 1997, Lastarria was declared a “Zona Tipica” which brings with it strong protection and preservation of its architectural heritage. During this period, the Plaza Mulato Gil was created, which is home today to an antique and book fair. There is no doubt that the Lastarria neighborhood is an oasis inside bustling downtown Santiago. Here, culture and entertainment converge in a captivating mixture of art, literature, music, film, theater, gastronomy and design. 

Meetings & Events

The Singular offers first-class facilities specially designed for an optimal conference experience - each adapted to different types and sizes. The Tajamares and Forestal Boardroom meeting rooms are comfortable and well equipped with a capacity of 14 people, while the Bellas Artes meeting room is ideal for a meeting or lunch with a capacity of 22 to 48 people. The Mulato Gil room on the ground floor is perfect for a meeting or dinner for 19 to 40 people.

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Lisa Bruckner-Daniel
Lisa Bruckner-Daniel
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