Classic Car Travel

A classy journey through time with magical moments which will touch your soul. What is better than winding your way through the most beautiful roads of Europe and discovering the landscapes and sights from the seat of a vintage vehicle? This and much more you will experience on the tours of Classic Car Travel. Behind the steering wheel of a chrome-lightning Mercedes-Benz SL antique car with open-top, wind in your hair and sun on your skin you will explore the most beautiful spots of Italy, France and Germany.
„The best or nothing“ – under this self-conception Mercedes-Benz as inventor of automobiles is building cars which delight people from all over the world. This standard is also set for journeys which bear the(ir) star.
The fascination for classic cars begins not only behind the wheel. When you see almost a dozen Mercedes-Benz SL stand together in a row - like a string of pearls – brightend by the sun, your eyes will start shining. The most noble moment however is when you hold your car keys in your hands. Take a seat, turn around the ignition key and listen to the rich sound of engines. Already after a few meters you will be taken back to a time where one knew how curves on the road feel like. A fusion of driving and decelerate. The picturesque towns on your way, the wind in your hair and the feeling of freedom go one step further, to transform this exceptional high-level journey into an unforgettable experience.

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Roman Berger
Roman Berger
Sales Senior Sales & Marketing Manager Central and Eastern Europe