Die Zufriedenheit und Wünsche unserer Partner und Kunden liegen uns am Herzen und spornen uns zu Höchstleistungen an. Mit Freude und Stolz präsentieren wir Ihnen auf dieser Seite unsere Referenzen.

Neben den wunderschönen Hotels und Produkten in unserem aktuellen Portfolio, gehörten bereits in der Vergangenheit eine Vielzahl exklusiver Hotelpartner zu dem Portfolio der Lobster Group. Wir sind stolz, unter anderem folgende Hotelpartner bereits erfolgreich in unseren Märkten positioniert haben zu dürfen:

  • Emirates Hotels & Resorts
  • Virgin Limited Edition
  • Laucala Island
  • Explora Hotels
  • Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort
  • Alvear Palace Hotel
  • Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa

25. Juni 2015

Hummingbird Travel

To whom it may concern,

among many other challenges the travel industry face nowadays, opening and developing new markets still is one of the most difficult tasks companies have to face if they are willing to survive and generate additional revenues. However, the biggest challenge has not only been being able to open and develop new markets, but to create strong long term relationships that could allow companies to project growth and additional revenues. The German speaking markets were completely new for Hummingbird Travel and Astrid and her Lobster Destinations team not only managed to quickly increase our contacts in the market, but also developed strong relationships for us. Lobster Destinations has definitely the right contacts for boutique luxury DMCs in the German speaking markets and acts as the perfect door opener for us, leading to strong long term relationships. It is important for us to not only be present in the German speaking market through Lobster Destinations, but also on a personal basis. This is why Astrid and her sympathetic and highly professional team organized a week of sales calls for us in the market. This week of sales calls was well organized and structured, covering the most important areas of the market, and highly efficient with an excellent outcome in forms of immediate booking requests. I can only highly recommend Lobster Destinations, as the special concept of representation is unique; it delivers good value for money and is very tailor-made and personal. Astrid and the entire Lobster team are easy to work with, whilst staying highly professional, offering excellent communication skills and quick responses at all times – they simply know what they are doing. Lobster Destinations delivers good information exchanges about the market, always focusing on the goal of getting bookings confirmed and this is just what boutique luxury DMCs need to enter and develop a new market and target group for their product.

Alex Chambers
Managing Director
Hummingbird Travel

26. Mai 2015

Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa

To whom it may concern,

Marbella Club was not performing well in the German Market and in just one year working with Lobster our business from German speaking countries increased 160%.

Astrid is a great leader, very hands on, reachable and hardworking. She is always reachable and very involved personally in every activity developed by Lobster. The team is great, very supportive and well oriented to achieve results and bring value for the hotel. Lobster events are very well organized, fun and business oriented at the same time, they are without a doubt a great platform to sale any luxury hotel in German speaking countries.

Lobster, as a brand, has a very well earned positioning in German speaking countries within the luxury leisure markets. Being a member of the Lobster family has enhanced the positioning of our brand and gives confidence to our clients about the quality of our property.

Julián Cabanillas
Director of Sales
Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa

16. März 2015

Ananda in the Himalayas

To whom it may concern,

Lobster Experience has been a trusted partner for Ananda in the Himalayas for over 10 years and among all the various teams and partners we work with across all geographies, we definitely rate Lobster the best! They are the most progressive travel representation company we have worked with. Their level of depth in planning and thorough understanding of each client and the ability to identify and convert opportunities is a key strength. For Ananda as a health and wellness destination, it always takes that extra effort to educate and promote this niche but the Lobster team have excelled in this with a high degree of ownership at every level. Most of all, Astrid’s boundless energy and positive outlook flows to everyone on the team making it a joy to work with them.

Best Regards

Mahesh Natarajan
Senior Vice President - Marketing, Sales, & Business Development
IHHR Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.


13. Februar 2015

Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa

To Whom It May Concern,

We have been working with Little Lobster and Lobster Communications since May 2014, and for a resort opening only in July 2014, Astrid Oberhummer and her team have done a tremendous job so far.

Little Lobster was able to position our newly opened resort with only 11 villas with all important tour operators in the German speaking markets, achieving over 200 room nights in the first six months after the opening. Little Lobster works with magnificent tools and events in their market place to raise awareness of small and independently owned properties, like Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa and generate business. We are extremely proud to be a member of Little Lobster.

As a combination, we are also a member of Lobster Communications – the Lobster division that takes care of public relations and communications in the German markets. Lobster Communication was able to give our small property a boost from the PR side, which again generated highly valued business for us. A prime example is a lovely clipping in the German edition of VOGUE that Lobster Communications was able to secure. Their excellent relationship to all important trade- and lifestyle media has helped us to raise brand awareness throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland and position us in the right magazines.

Astrid Oberhummer and her team are genuinely professional, honest and very efficient and has managed to promote Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa all over the German speaking markets and we are looking forward to work closely in the next years. Besides all their professionalism Astrid and her team are warm-hearted people and well-recognized throughout the entire hospitality industry that deserve our most valuable appraisal.

Best regards

Natalia Niznik
Executive Assistant Manager
Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa


25. August 2014

Ponta dos Ganchos

To Whom It May Concern,

We have worked with Little Lobster for almost 2 years, and I can only thank Astrid Oberhummer and her entire team for the amazing work they’ve done. They have always been professional, ethic, honest and very efficient, increasing our brand awareness within the German-speaking countries. Therefore, we recommend The Lobster Experience as a company that works with excellence, customization, character and honesty; they deserve our most valuable appraisal. I remain at your disposal may you need any further information.

Best regards
Virginia K. Peluffo
Director of Sales & Marketing

01. Mai 2013

Sani Resort

To whom it may concern,

Lobster Experience had been introduced to us by MikullaGoldmann PR and we would like to recommend Lobster Experience as a “Sales & Marketing representation” to anyone without any second though. With their ideas, their contacts in the travel industry and the high-end Lobster directory, Lobster Experience was an asset to our company. Among all activities Lobster Experience organizes their annual “Around the Globe Roadshow”, as well as exclusive fam- and sales trips and resulted the expected outcome. It is indeed evident that Astrid pours her heart in it and above all clients see it too.

We want to recommend Lobster Experience for any company they choose to cooperate with.

Yours truly,

Antonis Avdelas
Director of Sales & Marketing SANI RESORT

07. Januar 2013

Laucala Island

To whom it may concern,

As Laucala Island decided to focus on the German speaking as well as Central and Eastern European markets, we appointed Lobster Experience as our representative due to their excellent reputation. We always knew that it would be difficult to bring guests from Europe to Laucala Island, due to the long distance to Fiji but we were sure that Lobster Experience would do everything in their power to bring Laucala Island to potential clients’ mind. Their unique network of tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, DMCs and many more has convinced us entirely.

Laucala Island has always put a very specific focus on strictly selected niche tour operators. Lobster Experience managed to gain and maintain the relationship of various excellent and renowned tour operators who have repeatedly sent clients to our exclusive island. Further to this, Lobster Experience managed to send some of the respective tour operators to Laucala Island to let them see and experience the beauty of the island with their own eyes and make them understand the unique facets of Laucala Island.

In cooperation with the renowned tour operator Art of Travel, Lobster Experience found another fruitful way to bring our product to the clients mind through a direct client mailing that resulted in a great booking. Laucala Island got more and more established in the markets due to the excellent work of Lobster Experience and was able to increase the overall popularity.

We knew that we would also profit from the excellent network of Lobster Experience in the Central and Eastern European markets and our expectations were fulfilled within a few months only. Lobster Experience also works with excellent tour operators in these markets. One of the success stories, thanks to our fruitful cooperation with Lobster was a great long-stay booking for the Ukraine. Respectively we could grow our market share for the CEE markets noticeably.

I would like to say that the Laucala team, including myself, maintained a fun-filled and successful business relationship with the Lobster Experience team. I really hope to stay in touch with Astrid and the entire team. It always has been a pleasure to work with all of you.

Kindest regards

David Stepetic
General Manager

28. November 2012

Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa

To whom it may concern,

before our change of strategy and marketing orientation, Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa has appointed Lobster Experience as their sales and marketing representation for the German speaking markets as well as the Central and Eastern European markets.

Through their skilled and passionate efforts, Astrid and her team managed to position Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa successfully in the German speaking markets. Their network of long-lasting and good relationships with the travel trade in the markets helped tremendously to position our product in all the right golf brochures and with all the right partners. Their network helped us to regain presence and trust from the German speaking market.

Besides the outstanding performance in the German speaking markets, Lobster Experience also positioned and represented Pezula Private Castle in the Central & Eastern European markets as well as the market of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Even though the region of Knysna and the Garden Route in general seems to be a challenge in these markets, Lobster Experience managed to position and successfully sell our outstanding niche product Pezula Private Castle.

Lobster Experience’s network in the Central & Eastern European markets is far-reaching and does not only cover tour operators and travel agencies, but also airlines, DMCs and others. Thus Pezula Private Castle was able to successfully market itself at various marketing events with South African Airways, thanks to the passionate and loyal work of Lobster Experience.

The work with Lobster Experience was enriching and fun for Pezula, but also for myself and really do wish to stay in touch with Astrid and her team and hope to continue to work with them at some point in the future.

Gert Venter
General Manager

30. Oktober 2012


We are working with Lobster Communications since April this year. Our PR-goal was clearly defined: We wanted our property to be featured in the German design magazine AD-Architectural Digest. Two month later we got there: A fantastic article of 4 pages in this high end magazine was realized! We’re very much looking forward on a long-term relationship with this professional and innovative company.

Andrés Araya General Manager

08. Oktober 2012

Chateau Eza

We hired the team of Lobster Communications on a project basis as they convinced us with their deep knowledge in the field of targeted, tailor-made public relations services. In just three months Lobster Communications succeeded in bestowing on Hotel Château Eza a strong and considerable media presence throughout the German-speaking markets. Their creative, sound and interesting press releases served as catalysts for an excellent media response and their excellent personal contacts secured us some very nice features.

Robin Oodunt, General Manager

05. Juli 2012

Emirates Airlines

"Ich gratuliere dem Lobster-Team herzlich zum fünften Geburtstag. Seit Ihrer Gründungsphase im Jahre 2007 arbeiten wir bei den Hotels der Emirates Group erfolgreich und vertrauensvoll zusammen. Das Konzept von Lobster Experience hat uns von Anfang an überzeugt und wir freuen uns, dass Lobster über die Jahre hinweg erfolgreich gewachsen und im Luxussegment längst fest etabliert ist."

Volker Greiner, Emirates Vice President North & Central Europe

05. Juli 2012

Schmidt & Partner Lufthansa City Center Reisebüro

Liebes Lobster Team,

Vielen Dank für Eure tolle Unterstützung bei: Messeausstattungen, Präsentationen und Kundenveranstaltungen.

Vielen Dank für Eure vielen Kunden Avisierungen und Spezialanfragen in den Hotels.

Vielen Dank für informative Online-Schulungen, interessante Newsletter, Kontakte zu den Hoteliers & Insider Infos bei den Roadshows, Eure persönlichen Besuche (mit Innovativen Reiseprodukten „im Gepäck“), Die Luxus-Seminare für LCC und Sensationelle Inforeisen.

Wir fühlen uns bestens betreut und konnten uns immer auf Euer Portfolio verlassen und deshalb stehen Lobster Produkte bei unseren Reiseempfehlungen an erster Stelle!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und herzlichen Dank für die tolle Zusammenarbeit!

Barbara Schüttler (Managing Director) Verena Weigelt (Prokuristin)

15. Februar 2012

Lufthansa City Center International

„Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir Astrid Oberhummer für unsere internationalen LCC „Pure Luxury Strategie Trainings“ gewinnen konnten. Als Inhaberin einer der führenden Hotelrepräsentanzen und Spezialagenturen für Luxushotels, kann Frau Oberhummer mit ihrem Unternehmen „Lobster Experience“ auf eine langjährige Erfahrung bei der strategischen Positionierung und dem Verkauf von Luxusprodukten zurückblicken.

Mit ihrer charmant herzlichen und professionellen Art gelang es Ihr unsere internationalen Teilnehmer für neue Strategien und Techniken zu begeistern. Dabei legte sie besonderen Wert auf den unterschiedlichen Wissenstand und die Bedürfnisse der Teilnehmer. So wurden Engpässe aufgezeigt, Bedürfnisstrukturen erarbeitet und schließlich individuelle Herausstellungsmerkmale abgeleitet um den Verkauf im Luxussegment zu forcieren.

Während der zweitägigen Seminare wurde ein weiterer Schwerpunkt auf „Emotional Boosting“ mit seinen vielseitigen Varianten gelegt. Zusätzlich dazu stellte Frau Oberhummer die neuesten Erkenntnisse des Neuro Sales & Marketing anhand von vielen Beispielen praxisnah und leicht verständlich vor. Gerne möchten wir uns an dieser Stelle bei Frau Oberhummer nochmals für die erfolgreiche Umsetzung der Seminare bedanken. Das durchweg positive Feedback der Teilnehmer nach den Trainings bestätigt uns unsere Entscheidung im Luxussegment mit dem Wissen von Astrid Oberhummer neue Wege zu gehen.“

Rainer Schäfer (Geschäftsführer) Anke Steinhauer (Director Marketing & Events)

11. Februar 2012

Coco Collection

„The Coco Collection and its brand Coco Palm Resorts and Coco Spa as well as Uniquely Coco Experiences is an owner-led company that successfully entered the German speaking markets as well as the CEE & CIS markets thanks to the professionalism, enthusiasm, hard work and know-how of Astrid and the entire Lobster Experience team.

Since 2006, Lobster Experience has not only represented the Coco Collection in the respective markets but has also coordinated all global Sales and Marketing activities as well as PR agencies. Lobster Experience has been out trustworthy partner to pull all strings worldwide from France to Russia and from South Africa to Australia.

While representing the Coco Collection in the German speaking markets, Lobster Experience has proved to have excellent contacts throughout the tourism industry, especially in the luxury segment. The innovative approach to Sales and Marketing shows the commitment to clients and partners respectively. Lobster Experience successfully represented and positioned Coco Palm Bodu Hithi and Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu globally which emphasizes one more time its excellent reputation. Tour operators and travel agents alike always accent the reliability and efficiency that Lobster Experience stands for.

Since 2008, we also have successfully worked together to position Coco Collection in the CEE & CIS markets consisting of 25 countries in total. The market presence and share in these markets has been increasingly steadily.

Among the many challenges within the hospitality industry, opening and developing new markets is and will always be one of the most difficult tasks. From our experience we can tell that Lobster experience always navigated all upcoming obstacles in a very elegant way, with so much enthusiasm and never ending commitment.”

Hussain Hilmy Director

15. August 2010

The Chedi Muscat

"Having known Astrid Oberhummer for the last 13 years now, I am in the position to take the liberty to say that Astrid is a professional, extremely knowledgeable and focused individual who is well respected throughout the travel industry, especially in the luxury segment. She is passionate about all products in her portfolio and about all clients and hotel partners alike.

I met Astrid when I worked for Thanos Hotels in 1997 – 2003. The opening of the ANASSA Hotel in Cyprus in 1997 and its positioning in the German speaking markets was one of her main tasks as well as a challenging one. Her extensive contacts of travel agents, tour operators and MICE agencies was and is incredibly impressive and with all this in mind the ANASSA became one of the most prestigious hotels not only in Cyprus also in the Mediterranean for the German speaking markets.

Further along the way, I became General Manager of The Chedi Muscat in 2003, a well renowned hotel, managed by General Hotel Management, in the Sultanate of Oman. Even though GHM is not directly represented by Lobster Experience, we do not want to miss the opportunities to work with Astrid and her team during special promotional activities, such as being featured in their exclusive "Lobster 2010. pure luxury" directory and taking part in their renowned annual "Around the Globe Roadshow".

As mentioned, Astrid has excellent contacts within the industry both within the German speaking markets and across Europe. From the very outset this allows Astrid and her team at Lobster Experience to excel in what they do and ensures that any clients or partners working with them will, I am sure achieve their aims and objectives from the very start of the relationship.

I have no hesitation to highly recommend Astrid and Lobster Experience services to any potential hotels, venues or destinations looking for Sales and Marketing assistance."

York Brandes
General Manager

02. August 2010

The Dolder Grand

"Astrid and her team from Lobster Experience have been working for The Dolder Grand since January 2008 and provided continuous sales & marketing consultancy as well as an efficient service at the highest level.

The Dolder Grand received tremendous support from Lobster Experience already during the pre-opening phase and re-launch phase of our renowned property. Astrid and her team proved to have extensive knowledge of the German market and far ranging industry contacts that brought the right clientele to the Dolder Grand as of the beginning.

We found Lobster Experience to be a thoroughly professional, enthusiastic, creative and reliable partner. The Dolder Grand is proud to work with Astrid and her team and is looking forward to the years to come.

The service of Lobster Experience would be an asset to any company or luxury tourism product that would want to be positioned correctly in the German speaking markets."

Matthias Käsweber
Director of Sales & Marketing

28. November 2009

The Leela Palaces, Hotels & Resorts

"At the request of Mrs. Astrid Oberhummer owner of Lobster Experience I gladly oblige to issue the following testimonial.

From April 1, 2005 until March 31, 2007 I worked closely with Mrs. Oberhummer when she was the Managing Director of Unique Experience Touristik GmbH a company which represented several luxury Hotels around the world including Frégate Island Private. Due to the structure of the Company her prime responsibility was the sales and marketing of Frégate Island Private. During that time I was the Owners Representative and Chairman of the Board of the Island.

Frégate Island Private is a privately owned Island in the Seychelles and is the chosen deluxe destination to a very exclusive clientele. There are 16 luxury Villas with an average rate of Euro 3000 per night, a landing strip, a Marina, an Ecology Department, a Hydro-phonic Garden and a Plantation, an award winning Spa, 2 restaurants and 7 private beaches.

In February 2008 I relocated to Mumbai, India to assume the position as President of the Leela Hotel Group. The Group being a relative young Hotel Company which has an aggressive expansion program and they were in need for a representation in the German Speaking Countries of Europe (Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland)

There was no doubt in my mind that Mrs. Oberhummer's new Company, Lobster - Experience was the most suitable company to meet the requirements of the Group. After a thorough presentation in Mumbai the owners and the senior executives unanimously were in agreement that Lobster Experience would be appointed. Their responsibilities are for the Leela Goa, The Leela Kovalam, The Leela Palace in Udaipur and the Leela Palace in New Delhi, opening Autumn 2010.

Mrs. Oberhummer and her team are highly motivated, innovative and hardworking individuals. She is well respected in the Hospitality Industry and her vast knowledge, experience in her field are widely recognized.

I am very pleased to confirm that the Leela Hotel Group are entirely satisfied with the services rendered by Lobster-Experience."

Onno Poortier
President The Leela Palaces, Hotels & Resorts

14. Februar 2009

Frégate Island Private

"Since 1997 until this very day, Astrid Oberhummer has been / is helming the Sales & Marking operation of Frégate Island Private in the Seychelles.

Hardly have I ever come across a travel trade professional with so much enthusiasm, never-ending commitment, perseverance and omni-presence on all related markets. Magic alike, Astrid plays the entire piano of Marketing Mix tools, seamlessly effortless, simultaneous and with so much energy and devotion that one cannot but bow down in respect. No doubt! Astrid is no longer a Marketing partner, she is a friend. And as a friend she will go the extra mile and far beyond to assure the wellbeing of entrusted properties! Bravo!"

Marc Aeberhard
Chairman of the Board & Owner's Representative

28. Juli 2008

The Breakers Palm Beach

"Lobster Experience has been our trustworthy partner since 1999, providing us with an extraordinary representation service all around Europe.

Our strong relationship with Astrid Oberhummer and the Lobster Team has lead our success and allowed us to drive significant revenues from the International market even during challenging times.

Astrid leads a very professional, efficient, enthusiastic, creative and reliable other company can replicate this sales force. Over the years, we successfully worked together to position The Breakers in the European market as one of the leading resort destinations in North America for luxury travel. In fact, their extensive market knowledge and engagement levels with the travel industry are the pillars to our success.

I continue to embrace all new opportunities presented by Lobster Experience which set the stage for a bright future. Representation services rendered by Lobster Experience are unique and we are pleased to highly recommend this company.

On behalf of the entire Breakers Team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your dedication and for delivering a strong return on investment."

Christophe A. Dagassan
Director of Customer Relationship Management and Leisure Sales and E-Commerce

10. Juni 2008

Emirates Hotels & Resorts

"Astrid has been known to me for almost a decade, and during this time has developed a professional reputation for diligence and commitment.

On this basis in 2004 Astrid was appointed by Emirates Hotels & Resorts to represent its Dubai property, Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa, in Germany and surrounding Germanic regions.

A property of Al Maha's stature and reputation require careful consideration when it came to the selection of Representative in a new market. Due diligence however did reveal that from across numerous market areas, including Tour Operators, MICE organizers, as well as retail and specialist travel businesses, Lobster Experience had an excellent reputation and was well accepted by the trade, and that Astrid herself had exceptional personal contacts within all areas of the travel trade as well as media.

Subsequent to Astrid's initial appointment to represent Al Maha, we have also since appointed Lobster to represent our Australian property, Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa. In this regard we were well represented in advance of opening.

Astrid has managed to attract dedicated staff representatives, a group of young, committed and very hard working executives. With her guidance they have been consistent, capable and continue to deliver a good sales service to the trade, and to ably represent the caliber of our resort to a suitable and appropriate market.

Her annual roadshow across major cities is a highly productive platform.

We do hope to maintain Astrid's services into the future."

Tony Williams
Senior Vice President, Resorts & Projects

11. April 2007

Explora Hotels

"Among many other challenges the Travel Industry face nowadays, opening and developing new markets still is one of the most difficult tasks companies have to face if they are willing to survive and generate additional revenues.

However, the biggest challenge has not only been being able to open and develop new markets, but to create strong long term relationships that could allow companies to project growth and additional revenues.

Today Astrid I want to let you know that with your enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge, hard work and your special ability to capture people's minds and hearts, we as a company have been able to achieve all that I have mentioned before. And thanks to you, we have been able to successfully penetrate the German, Swiss and Austrian markets in a way that no other company could ever do. These results are not subjective Astrid, meaning that is not my something of my personal opinion; it is a fact.

At Explora we have been dedicated for over 14 years to provide unforgettable experiences in the Southern Cone of South America, and understanding our markets it is essential for our company, as we provide experiences. Something difficult to transmit.

Unique Experiences lead by you and your team has also helped us to better understand the behavior of these markets, and be able to create specific actions and strategies to meet our expectations. I want to assure you that your work has been responsible for having achieved the level of understanding that we have at the present time. We cannot thank you enough.

Astrid, once again on behalf of Explora Lodges from Chile I would like to thank you very much for all you have done for us over the past 6 years.

We all at Explora look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Alvaro Valetiani
Director of Sales & Marketing